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IT Services, Websites, Computers!


IT Services, Websites, SEO, Clouds
Faster than you got it, done right period.
Personal & Commercial Services
Programming, Design, Graphics, Animations
CALL US 407.722.0787 IT Services, Websites, SEO, and More!
CALL US 407.722.0787 IT Services, Websites, SEO, and More!
Remote Tech Services
Many issues are easy to fix from our remote tech bench. We can help you from here!
No software to install. Thanks to www.ShowMyPc.com
Full Service Maintenance
Cleaning your computer inside and out! This service WILL ADD YEARS to your computer's life and can remove viruses, clean hard drives, remove dust, re-silver CPU, clean registry, full REAL defrag, and more. Recommended once every 3 months.
The only service that cleans your computer better is the FULL REINSTALL
Non-Destructive Virus Recovery
Clean your system from dirty viruses of all types. Not only Viruses but Adware, Spyware, Root kits, Malware, Trojan, Fakeware, and more!
For rare destructive viruses, a full reinstall can be done for additional $65. See Full Reinstall for details
Part Replacement
Replace burnt out parts like CPUs, Motherboards, and Video Cards. We will install them and configure for optimal performance. We repair Desktops, Laptops, Workstations, and Servers.
We only charge for labor, we find the best deal for your quality replacement part and you will get it 100% AT COST.
Custom System Build
Nobody will make you a better machine for the money! Custom built machines are always the better choice for performance and reliability.
All parts come with 1 to 3 year warranty
Full Reinstall
We bring your computer back to life by rebuilding your operating system, programs, and documents from scratch. This is an excellent service and includes a free backup for lightning fast future recoveries. It will not only clean your computer 100%, but it will also save you money with a ready to load, custom RESTORE disc. We will provide free recovery for your documents before we erase the hard drive and then we reinstall the OS, DRIVERS, and PROGRAMS, we restore your DOCUMENTS, and performance tune all settings.
Please provide a list of the programs that you want restored. Programs must be owned by you or free
Commercial Service Call
We will come to your business and fix any problems you have. Certain jobs will require a free inspection and estimate beforehand. Our IT Services cover a wide variety of skills and talents. If we can't do it, we will point you in the right direction. Service calls are charged by the hour and all service calls come with a 7 day warranty.
for best service, detailed information will be helpful
Laptop Part Replacement
Our most common laptop service, we will replace your laptop parts quickly so you can get back to work. This service covers the LCD Screen, CPU, & Motherboard.
Average price for a NEW screen is $60, a NEW Motherboard is $100, and a NEW CPU is $75.
Password Recovery
Forget your windows or system password? We will unlock your system for you.
Computer must be owned by you.
A lot of problems can be fixed by just asking the right question and it is free! This service can save you money for unless repairs.
We take care of your site's health and popularity

Webmastering Information:

When it comes to webmastering for a company or person, the scope must be analyzed and determinded first. With our experience, we have come up with a very easy way for providing our webmastering service.



  • For simple websites that require less overall maintenance
  • Minor changes or updates needed
  • More focused on SEO results and tracking reports



  • For websites that have more maintenance, update, and security needs
  • Monthly content updates: text, images, links
  • Anti-Hacking protection and monitoring
  • Filesystem maintenance and optimization
  • Server/Hosting maintenance
  • Review for new features and upgrades



  • For websites that have MASSIVE needs
  • WEEKLY content updates: text, images, links
  • SEVERE Anti-Hacking protection and monitoring
  • HUGE Filesystem maintenance and optimization
  • EXTREEME Server/Hosting maintenance
  • REQUIRED new features and upgrades

Web Hosting Management
Website Updates and Upgrades
SEO Upkeep and Enhance
Anti-Hacking Protection
Website Leads and Reporting
Website Enhancement
Custom websites means you get what you want.

Website Development Information:

Here, we take making your website the right way, top priority. Below are the website categories and prices. If understanding which one is in relation to your needs, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Starter Website


For the most part, think of this as a "JUST FOR SHOW" website. Best for advertising, personal portfolios, and small businesses like lawn care or carwash.
  • Including a contact form, the website is only designed to inform, share, or present something.
  • Also programmed with basic user/site tracking, SEO base code.
  • Anti-Hacking code for contact input box
  • After completion, we give you an easy to load, restore disc containing your entire site.

Starter Plus Website


As well as being a "JUST FOR SHOW" website, it is designed to also "DO" something. Like for a shopping cart, work progress tracking, display catelogs of material, or for online streaming, the website has a job to do.
  • All put into your very own stable, scalable, website framework.
  • Also programmed with moderate user/site tracking, SEO base code, SEO extended code, dynamic content loading.
  • Anti-Hacking code for every form and input box
  • After completion, we give you an easy to load, restore disc containing your entire site.

Intermediate Website

$1,000 plus $500/Month

For websites that provide a complete service(s), like "google", "facebook", or "yellowpages"
  • All put into your very own durable, stable, scalable, website framework.
  • Also programmed with intense user/site tracking, SEO base code, SEO extended code, extensive dynamic content loading.
  • An administration page is added for your personal access and abilities.
  • Anti-Hacking code for every form and input box.
  • After completion, we give you an easy to load, restore disc containing your entire site.

Advanced Website

$2,000 plus $1000/Month

For websites that provide a complete service(s), like "Google", "Facebook", or "Youtube".
  • This website will do what ever you need it to do.
  • More detail explination requires personal discussion, please call us.

Custom Code Programming
Digital Graphics
Search Engine Optimization
Website Framework Maintenance
Graphic Animations & Effects
Website Self Programming Dynamics
Give us a call or email anytime!
Contact Information


We are here for your benefit!

We made this site easy for you to contact us. If you wish for a more direct method, our contact info is here for your needs.

Address: 2868 Woodruff Drive, Orlando FL
Phone: 407.722.0787
Fax: 407.855.2437 - call first
Email: contact@ldgpixels.com
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Thank you so much Louie, you fixed my laptop in 5 mins. I was worried that I was going to loose my files! I can not tell you how relieved I was when you got it fixed so quickly. I was being quoted over $100 to do what you did for a fraction of the cost. You can guarantee I will be using you all when something else comes up.
Laptop stuck not turning on right. Important files to recover if it is not fixable
Bob from ACS
I love my new website, and you finished it so quickly. You made the old webmaster look like ..... well lets just say not too good. www.absolutecomputerservices.com
Turn old website into new website
Heather from Heart and Vascular
Our systems are working fine now thanks to you. Our boss was about to explode and you were able to get everything to work right. He said to call you guys first for the next time we ever have computer issues again.
Our systems are not logging in to the website, our printers have all stopped working, and I think one computer has a virus
Allison from Hand and Stone
Working like a charm. Our network is back to normal and working great. You were really quick and worth every penny. Thank you
Our network is down, and no internet
Our new laptop screen looks great! You were cheaper than everyone I called and finished it in no time.
Cracked laptop screen
Super impressed with my computer now. No need for a new one now, thank you so much you guys. Saved me over $100 as well.
infected computer
I have to say the best $35 I ever spent. More problems were fixed than I knew of! Great Job!
Computer on the fritz
I can get online again! Got me fixed in minutes over the phone.
Password not working
All the rooms are getting a great signal. No complaints anymore!
Wireless internet for hotels
Pete Forman
Being new in town, I was lucky to find a knowledgeable and honest businessman. Would not hesitate to recommend and use again.
Printer and Network issues
Louie Gatteny - CREATOR Computer Repair in Orlando - SERVICE